Advanced Reports Now Available for Fall Sports

Last month, we shared information regarding the future of PrestoStats and improvements you would see as we move forward. We are excited to announce that the first enhancement to our more robust solution is the addition of advanced reports for field hockey, football, soccer and volleyball.

At PrestoSports, we recognize that our partners have come to expect a full featured solution to include robust reporting in addition to an easy-to-use stats entry solution. As we introduce these four new sports reports, we believe that you will appreciate the improvements and investments that we have made and will continue to make.

Getting Started

To access the new reports, sign into the PrestoSports CMS and navigate into a season via the Game day tab. Click on the stats tab, then click the Advanced Reports button on the far right.

The Advanced Reports application will open in a separate tab, and you will have the option to choose different filters and generate reports based on the selected filter. You can easily jump between different reports using the list on the left, or use the Change Filters button at the bottom to select different parameters and generate a new set of reports. For step-by-step instructions, including a video of how to access and generate reports, please visit our Online Help Center.

What’s Next

With fall season reports now available, we are working to provide season reports for basketball and ice hockey, followed by baseball, softball and lacrosse. We will continue to make announcements as those reports become available and remain committed to delivering a number of enhancements that build upon this well-established solution.

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