Updated basketball Score bug is here!

November 17, 2017  

Now that basketball season is tipping off, we’re excited to let you know that we have updated the basketball Score bug for all PrestoSports Broadcast users.

We have added two new fields to the basketball Score bug. One of those new fields is tracking timeouts used. This field will reset to 0 automatically at the start of each half and at the start of any overtime period.

The second new field we added is for fouls. This field will reset in each quarter or half depending on if the game is being played in quarters or halves, but it will not reset in OT and will continue to add fouls on top of however many fouls occurred in the final half or quarter played before the start of OT.

The Score bug can be automatically updated through the PrestoSports Stats Entry app using live scoring or through a combination of Statcrew/StatJack. In addition, it can be updated manually through the “score” button on an event page in Game day or through the “score” button for an event on the Game day home page.

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