PrestoSports is Looking for More Talent!

October 19, 2017

Looking to combine your love of sports with your professional life? Is your current job fully leveraging your talents? PrestoSports, one of the leading tech companies in the sports industry, is seeking candidates who are great with people and want to be part of a winning team. We are currently filling positions for an Operations Specialist and a Site Development Specialist which are responsible for helping with on-call support, launching innovative websites, contributing to company initiatives and helping better educate our client base.


  • The person who spends a few extra minutes a day to learn why they did the task instead of just being happy it is done.
  • The person who really is a "people person" and will go above and beyond to help.
  • The one who gets tired of copying old ideas and creates their own new way to show something.
  • Someone who pays attention to detail on that buried page a grandparent will only visit and not just the common fan.
  • An energetic creative thinker who loves talking about schedules, scores, stats and SPORTS!
  • A self-starter with great phone and email skills and loves showing them off on occasional nights and weekends.


  • Don't worry, we don't like punching clocks either. We focus on results!
  • Ping pong, HTML, foosball, stats entry skills not required, but a plus.
  • And of course...happy client, happy life!

Please see below for both job descriptions.



  • Monitor the continuous requests of clients after a site-launch
  • Assist in all day-to-day operations
  • Primary on-call one day per week
  • Primary on-call one evening per week as needed
  • Primary on-call one weekend per six weeks as needed


This position involves working directly with PrestoSports customers to make sure their requests are being acted upon, they know how to use the system and are happy with our service.

 He/she will be responding to emails and phone calls on support from customers on issues such as:

  • Graphic design requests
  • Broadcasting and Stats Entry
  • Featuring content on different pages of a website
  • Promoting special events and tournaments
  • Layout changes/enhancements
  • Feature requests
  • Updating website’s navigation
  • Photo sizing and uploads
  • Creating or closing user account
  • Updating a recruiting form or roster
  • Recreating bugs/errors
  • Managing account access
  • Setting up PrestoSports features (Marketplace, Photo Store, Awards, etc.)

 When not answering customer requests, he or she will be a valuable member of the operations team and help with various day-to-day tasks. These might include:

  • New feature development and testing
  • Software release testing
  • Client and staff training



  • Launch up to twelve sites per month
  • Lead at least one development project per month
  • Primary on-call on support one evening per week as needed
  • Primary on-call on support one weekend per six weeks as needed


This position involves working directly with new and existing customers to lead them through the site launch schedule from kickoff to launch and assisting with post launch support. This includes:

  • Training on our system thru on-call conversations and webinars
  • Discussion of features and custom design options
  • Assistance with migration of data
  • Working with designers and web engineers

When not launching new or redesigned sites, this position will support our Content team handling day-to-day tasks, will be responding to emails and phone calls on support from customers as well as leading rollouts of new features and researching innovative design ideas. Above all to make sure our customers know how to use the system and are happy with our service.

In addition, he or she will work with clients that are in the process of redesigning their existing site. This includes:

  • Site reviews and analysis of current site
  • Training clients on best practices
  • Implementation of new features


  • Sending and managing of at least 100 emails daily
  • Training customers on CMS capabilities
  • Research and evaluation of industry trends
  • Organizing project timelines and progression
  • Quality control of client base
  • Answering emails and phone calls one night a week and occasional weekends for post launch support

These full-time positions are in Rockville, Maryland and include benefits.  Please email your resumes to and include the position interested in the email subject. These positions are available immediately.


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