We've added a filter to Camps home pages!

October 6, 2017   by Michael Roman

Our Camps team is excited to unveil our latest improvement - introducing the camps filter! This feature will better serve our multi-sport users, who often have more than one program with open registrations and "share" their athletic department's camps home page.


Set to "View all" by default, the filter sorts your events by label name. Labels are either created or selected when adding a new camp to the platform, which we suggest naming by sport and keeping consistent throughout.  

Note: The "Labels" manager can be found within the Camps tab, should you ever need to add or remove any.

The drop-down menu will display, alphabetically, the labels of each open camp.



Based on the label selection, the drop-down will filter out the other open camps, saving registrants time that might have previously been spent searching for the desired camp. 

We're working hard to churn out more features this Fall that will make things even easier for admins, coaches, and parents alike.

As you may know, our feature development is largely based on user feedback, so if you have any questions or recommendations feel free to reach our team at camps@prestosports.com.

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