Clubessential Acquires PrestoSports Inc.

September 28, 2017
The legendary basketball coach Jimmy V once said, "Ordinary people do extraordinary things."  He may not have been referring to a small tech startup company from Rockville, MD but over the past 15 years and with the help of our clients, the team at PrestoSports has indeed done something extraordinary.  Building on the vision of our founder, Serge Knystautas, PrestoSports has grown from just a website company to a technology leader in the college athletic space...from an idea hatched by "tech geeks" to a company that now serves over 950 clients across the United States and Canada...from offering just one product to a company that not only provides powerful, responsive websites but also live streaming, an online registration platform, infographics, a stats entry software, mobile apps, and much more.  The foundation is strong...just searching for the right partner to take PrestoSports to the next level.
The search is over.  On behalf of the staff at PrestoSports (a bunch of ordinary people that do extraordinary things every day), I am extremely excited to announce that PrestoSports has been acquired by Clubessential (press release).  It is the perfect fit for our company since Clubessential provides the same back office software that we do for athletic departments...only they provide it to over 1,300 private tennis and golf clubs.  Visit their website at to learn more about their company.  
Business as usual for PrestoSports?  Yes and no.  Same platform of course.  AnnMarie, Katie, Jim, Alana, Travis, Fratto and everyone else you have worked with over the last few years are still here.  However, with the added resources of Clubessential, there will be change but as in most cases, change is good.  Our customer service will get better (hard to believe that is even possible), we will continue to launch new features but at a faster rate, and most importantly, our annual Happy Hour at the NCAA Convention will be an event you won't want to miss.  Randy Eckels, the CEO of Clubessential, will be taking over the reins of PrestoSports as well.  With over 30 years of technology and software leadership experience, Randy believes in the core values of PrestoSports and understands that with additional resources and strategic planning, the growth of PrestoSports is unlimited.  
For me personally, I feel like my kids do at their birthday parties playing with friends and their new toys.  Thrilled for what Clubessential will bring to the PrestoSports platform and eager to share the new toys with our family of clients.  It has been nine years since I started working at PrestoSports (thanks for the reminder LinkedIn) and I am extremely excited for the next nine and beyond.      
Over the next few weeks, we will be reaching out to every client to answer your questions.  If you want to talk now, please feel free to contact me directly at (301) 560-0803 or ted@prestosports. com.
Thanks for your time today and as always, thanks for being a PrestoSports client.

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