Amazon outage impact on PrestoSports

February 28, 2017   by Serge Knystautas
For several hours on Tuesday, PrestoSports was unable to show significant portions of our sites.

PrestoSports uses Amazon's hosting service to store images and PDFs for our websites.  While most people know Amazon as the online retailer, it began offering hosting services in 2006 know as Amazon Web Services or AWS.  Amazon has become the backbone for 120,000 sites including global brands like Instagram and American Airlines as well as familiar companies in our industry including PrestoSports, CBS Stat Cloud and SIDEARM.

Amazon was down approximately 12:41pm to 3:52pm with the error starting in our backyard in Ashburn, Virginia, and gradually causing a widespread outage.  During these three hours, uploads were not working, including StatJack for live stats, and sites that we host appeared broken as they were missing most or all images.  Once Amazon was back online, sites came back to normal quickly and we are continuing to monitor that things are performing as expected. 

It was a challenging day and we thank you for your patience. Here is some more news about the AWS outage. 

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