Baseball and softball live scoring available this spring

January 18, 2017   by Mike Fratto

It's hard to believe, but spring sports are almost here! With that in mind, I'm happy to announce that we will be releasing PrestoSports Stats Entry for baseball and softball to everyone this spring.

After beta testing the live scoring version the past two seasons, we've incorporated your feedback and are confident that you'll love it. Along with the benefits inherent to using any sport in our stats entry app, things specific to baseball and softball that will make your life easier are:

  • familiar play input codes and fresh field design combine for a simple workflow
  • make quick substitutions right on the input screen without needing to navigate to the team's Lineup
  • flexible play inserting and editing if you miss a play or a pitching change

Don't miss out on the chance to modernize your stats workflow. This fall, just in games statted live, our users combined to stat 2,086 games. And for basketball in November and December, they statted 448 games. That doesn't even include the hundreds more who use our manual Scoresheet entry. Now's a great time to see for yourself!

Might as well try out football while you're at it

We're thinking ahead to the fall as well and I'd like to invite you to take a look at our football software. Whether it's an NFL playoff game, your spring practices, YouTube or something else, just let either me or our Support team know and we'll set you up.

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