Don't keep your opponents in the dark this basketball season

November 3, 2016   by Mike Fratto

Our stats entry platform has helped hundreds of schools update their game-day stats duties, but that doesn't stop with the caller and inputter.

As basketball season begins, we're here to remind you that you can enjoy the benefits of modern stats software without leaving your opponents in the dark. After statting a game with our app, you can share a packed file that is 100% compatible with Stat Crew Legacy.

On top of our existing benefits, improvements for 2016-17 are highlighted by:

  • streamlined substitutions for a more familiar workflow
  • redesigned possession indicator so it stands out more on the screen 

We encourage you to check out our app during your scrimmages and exhibitions. If you already have access to a team in our Network, you can start statting here. If you need access to a team, get started here.

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