Use MobileNow like an iPhone app

August 24, 2010   by Serge Knystautas

Every team wants to have its logo sitting on their fans' iPhones, encouraging them to check out the latest news and scores. It's one of the biggest reasons why people want an iPhone or Droid app.

We wanted to show how you can have your logo sitting on your fans' iPhones with MobileNow.

MobileNow is the latest version of your website that we've designed specifically for an iPhone and Droid.  Every result, bio, photo and schedule available to your fans online is now available on their phone.

To get your logo on your fans' iPhone home screen, start by having your fans go to your athletic site powered by MobileNow.  This is easier than installing an app because links from emails will take your fans to your MobileNow site, or Googling for your site will automatically take a fan to your MobileNow site.  This is faster than installing an app where Apple requires you to search thru the app store and then have to sign in with Apple to install it.

Your fan can click + and select "Add to Home Screen" where they will be prompted with a simple form that they can press "Add."  Once they done that, your MobileNow site will show up as a nice icon on their home screen.

Go to your MobileNow site

Click + and select "Add to Home Screen"

Click "Add" to accept the suggested name.

MobileNow will appear as an icon on your home screen.

Your MobileNow is as quick and easy to get to as an iPhone app, but with richer content, better email integration, and without the extra costs.

MobileNow is currently being rolled out to all PrestoSports clients and you will be contacted soon to let you know that it's now available.

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